Red Universe

Tonight, my feelings for you were all the same but everything else was so different. You are doing better without me, I always want you to do well in life, but on another level, I hoped that your life was falling to pieces without me, because that would mean you needed me. You don’t need me though. Everything is coming up Milhouse. It really was me holding you back. I’m so sorry.

Not that there was ever a doubt in anybody’s mind, but I need you. Bad. My life is falling apart without you. It would seem that without my tornado of chaos tearing your life apart, you have no problems of your own. I’m sorry for the difficulties that I have unwittingly been setting before you like obstacles. I really was a waste of your time.

This red universe you that I met tonight was happy, he had free time and seemed to be carrying less tension than my worlds version of you. I haven’t seen you the way you were tonight in a very long time. I hate that I kept you in the cloudy gloom brought on by the energy I carry with me.

And in this universe, when he layed on the bed, in the spot that would have been mine, he truly had more right to be there than me. I have been the one responsible for making my worst nightmare become my reality. That makes sense tho9ugh, in a sick, twisted way. I hate myself so much that I successfully managed to guarantee a life in which I will never feel happiness again.

And if you were to ever want to give me another chance, after seeing how great your world is without me, surely I would be a monster to reinsert my disastrous presence back into your eternally sunny new life.

I’m sorry.



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