Written from a bad place



This is not a post to garner sympathy, nor do I need to be told to run. It is a brutally raw note written while in a fight, because I want my love story to be unedited and no truths swept under the rug.

I know that what we have is real, because only love can hurt like this. 

Sadly, this place in my mind where I feel so unsafe and insecure is a place I am visiting more and more frequently. This is an extraction of what is in my mind in the darkest moments. I know that he loves me, and I know that we are meant to be together. We just live a life far from normal, which comes with extra pressure and stress, but we love the excitement. It may not always be the happiest of stories, but it is real and honest and wether it be good or bad it makes me feel. The feelings we are experiencing are overwhelming, reaching unimaginable heights and all-encompassing lows. 

I love you, I love us and I love that you have awoken me.




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